The Xcerts bassist Jordan Smith has fractured his wrist whilst
skateboarding only a few days before the band embark on a two month
touring schedule.  

The timing couldn't be worse for the band who have shows lined up
with childhood heroes Idlewild, musical stalwarts Funeral for a Friend
and up and comers This City. However the band are putting the saying
'The Show Must Go On' to a true test, and have made a decision to
honor all the dates with Jordan spending a frantic few days learning
new parts on different instruments.

Speaking of the incident Jordan says "I went rolling along a sunny
Brighton seafront feeling lazy and secure. Skating is best on days like
these, nothing intense, no stress, big bit of flatland looking across the
English Channel . There were a few security rails on their sides, perfect
for slightly apprehensive ollies (my forte after years of ‘not really
skating’). I cleared it a couple times, linked in a scrappy kickflip or two
and generally felt like I was finding my feet again. On the last ollie
before thinking about leaving, the board fires out and I land awkwardly
enough to make my wrist look like a mangled slinky. It's always the most
inadvertent thing that does the most damage."

Jordan added "I feel completely crushed.  It's not like I don't know
skating is a massive risk when your hands are your job.  I've spent the
last few days learning bass lines on a keyboard and bass pedals. I owe it
to my friends to make this work, and we'll find a way to make it special."

Speaking of his fellow band mate singer Murray Macleod said "I was
gutted when I heard about the accident. We've worked so hard to get to
this position and we have been incredibly excited about the touring this
autumn. Tom (The Xcerts drummer) and I talked briefly about finding a
replacement bass player for the tours, but it was soon clear to us that
THE XCERTS is about the noise the 3 of us make together, regardless of
how many working limbs we have between us. Jordan and I have been
best friends since we we're 13 and I’m not about to sell him out".

So Scorpio PR would like to advise all Xcerts fans to get down and see
them on the upcoming tour, it will defiantly be a unique arrangement for
the band, and a true experience for fans!

The Xcerts: Proving The Show Must Go On!
Bassist Fractures Wrist Days Before Two Month Tour!