Unique... Thats a 1 word description of 'Colon Open Bracket' it is of
cause written as :( most times, which has lead to a large amount of
criticism online and a label of *EMO* being slapped onto the band... Its
common knowledge to most Scorpio fans that we don't approve of the
EMO label, and this band is a prime example of why we don't. Nothing
about them is depressing or even slightly dark... I don't fully understand
the EMO label which is why I'll move on from there.

The 1st time i came across this band was when i was directed to them
online at the Download Festival forum, in 2006 as they were announced
to be playing the smaller stage... Not totally convinced by there myspace
and a little amused by all the *Anti-EMO* vibe of the forum thread, I
decided to go along and judge them for myself...

I'm not going to give you a full live review, as it was SOOOO long ago,
and I've had SOOOO much alcohol since then - most of it consumed at
the fest... All I will say is I was amazed, there a young 8-bit electro pop
punk band and are quite heavy live.

Scorpio HIGHLY recommend you try to go see these guys and girls live -
The Greatest Overlooked Artists Of Recent Time!
Ian S. Russell - Nov 13th 08'

OK everyone, So as you probably know Scorpio Review aren't exactly 100% mainstream,
and try to keep away from doing articles that every other review site do... Well here's
another, this is a list of artists we really think you should check out... We're not saying
these are the greatest artists of all time, but you really should check these out!
#4: Sam Isaac
I 1st came across Sam Isaac when his 2007 EP 'Sideways' landed at my
door for review... Since then I have found it almost impossible to find
any of his stuff online, other than his myspace page... You don't even
get anything when entering his name into Wikipidia, Now anyone with
the smallest knowledge about online searches knows how strange
that is!

Find Our Review Of Sam's 2007 EP 'Sideways'
Visit Sam's Myspace Page
#3: Frank Turner
Very much like Sam Isaac, the 1st time I had heard any of Frank Turners
material was when it arrived at my door for review... Since then
EVERYONE in the office has become an avid fan of Frank and his mellow
acoustic tunes.

I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of 'Love IRE & Song' which
can be purchased
Frank's Myspace can be found HERE
#1: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
It's not everyday that an electro band get into a chart here at Scorpio, let alone make it to the top spot, But DLS V
SP really do deserve this credit. The 1st time I became aware of these guys was shortly before I became a music
journalist, when I was traveling back from a day trip to London, at around 4am on some radio station I heard 1 of
the greatest song I have ever heard, and the song was: 'Thou Shall Always Kill'

Scroobius Pip has taken his name from the nonsense verse poem 'The Scroobius Pip' which was part written by
Edward Lear and was compiled at the time of his death by 'Ogden Nash'

...So, what does that have to do with the music? A lot to be honest, it really should give you an idea of the lyrical
content of DLS V SP's songs, they are by far the best lyrical masterpieces I have EVER come across.

I'm not a huge fan of electro music, but even Dan Le Sac on his decks does add to the beauty of these tracks, I
really urge people to check out there debut album 'Angles' It truly is a unique masterpiece.
The fight for number 1 spot in this chart really was hard fought... Sadly
Stone Gods 'Brought a Knife to a Gunfight' And weren't able to 'Burn The

...OK, I'll not write anymore really bad pun's on Stone God's song titles...
To be blunt, the Stone Gods are 1 of the only bands to come out of the
0's who really carry off the old Iron Maiden classic rock sound... And
they do it damn convincingly.

For those who don't know, Stone Gods were born from the ashes of
Justin Hawkins old band The Darkness... They've gone thought ALOT of
line up changes including a small stand in drumming job by Stuart Cable
(Stereophonics) but have now hopefully settled on there current line up.

Scorpio PR have followed the band, from there 1st tour where they
played the dingy basement of Rock City... To there tour supports with
legends Velvet Revolver, and will hopefully be joining the guys with
there next high profile support slots with Airborne!

So come on guys, stop with the gig cancellations, stop the line up
changes and just do what you were born to do ROCK OUR F++KIN HEADS

2 Audio Interview's Conducted With The Guys Can Be Found
Stone Gods Myspace HERE