ALBUM REVIEW: Brant Bjork – Tao Of The Devil


Artist: Brant Bjork
Title: Tao of the Devil
Release Date: 30 / 09 / 15
Review By: Hannah Sulley

Brant Bjork is a desert boogieman deciding to find a band to back his trip. Brant and his bros bring it… And: It grooves, It Flows, It’s psychedelic, It’s tough – It’s awesome. Brant Bjork and his live band are guerrilla rock revolutionaries… taking back the rock and letting it roll.

Brant Bjork hails from Palm Desert, California, where he began gigging at the age of 13. By high school Brant had begun Kyuss with locals Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell, (later Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia. Kyuss was signed to Elektra and became the first desert rock band to achieve international success by spearheading a musical movement that brought heavy and psychedelic sounds back to rock and roll.

The Gree hee song actually did make me imagine driving through the beautiful blistering desert on the way to las vegas, taking the chances only the wicked city of red hot dice rolls, foxy winners and the cool touch of rock and roll can give.

The amazing tingling feeling of the guitar riffs gets you rocking from the beginning, breathtakingvocals that catch you and take you spiraling down the musical wonderland. And badass beats that makes your heart feel like it’s playing the drums instead of the actual drummer. Even a few cheeky tambourine shakes which i absolutely love more than one person should It’s sounique and perfect!

I normally dislike comparing bands, However if you like bands like: Aerosmith, Dead Daisies, and maybe even a bit of hendrix then you’ll love Brant Bjork

I can’t recommend these guys enough, Hopefully we’ll see them heading over here to hit up The UK for more than his 1-off London date (Next Month) soon – I sure hope they do cause i’ll be there front and centre.

Rock On You Beautiful Desert Babes!

1.The Gree Heen
2.Humble Pie
5.Biker No. 2
6.Dave’s War
7.Tao Of The Devil
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