Rage Against The Machine Reunion…? Not Quite (Prophets of Rage Supergroup Confirmed)


Rage Against The Machine Reunion…?
Not Quite (Prophets of Rage Supergroup Confirmed)

As reported by Rockfeed & other sources earlier today, We can confirm we have also spotted a few press releases filling up our inbox confirming a not-so-reunited Rage Against The Machine based supergroup are looking to tour this year.

Source Rockfeed:

Earlier today when reports surfaced about a possible Rage Against The Machine reunion, everyone (including us) went out of their minds. What better place than here? What better time than now?

Those claims have been largely deflated, though they aren’t entirely false either. We will be seeing a Rage Against The Machine reunion — without vocalist Zach De La Rocha. God dammit Zach, get your shit together!

The band, being billed as ‘Prophets of Rage’ will feature every member of Rage Against The Machine except for vocalist Zach De La Rocha according to a new report from Amplify. Our earlier report echoed this sentiment though we didn’t have details on the members.

The vocalists of the new band will be none other than: Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real

Prophets of Rage is currently planning a big national tour and again… they WILL be performing Rage Against The Machine songs live. I’d love to see what B-Real could do with their songs. Count me in 100%!

As some of our readers may know our editor is a massive Rage fan, and back not so long ago was a very vocal supporter of The Rage For Number 1. Campaign & subsequent full reunion, although we’re quite excited by the news, we can’t help but echo Rockfeed’s sentiment and agree with the line “God dammit Zach, get your shit together!”

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