Festival In Review: The Great British Folk Festival 2015 (Day 2) – Butlins Resort, Skegness – Dec 4/5/6


Line up: CoCo & The Butterfields / Brian Eastwood & Friends / Guilded Thieves / Demon Barbers
Venue: Butlins Resort (Skegness)
Date: Dec 4/5/6
Review By: Sarah Houben
Photos By: Ian S. Russell (MORE HERE)

Day 2 (Following on from Day 1: Read About Day 1 HERE)


Festival Day 2: First band up, CoCo And The Butterfields

Festival Day 2: First band up, CoCo And The Butterfields

Coco and the Butterfields – Reds – http://cocoandthebutterfields.com/
The second festival day began with the winning band of last year’s Saturday Introducing Stage – Coco and the Butterfields. Even though it was early in the day the band of buskers from Canterbury played in front of a full audience. Performing a mix of originals and covers, their energetic folk-pop-rap sound soon had people dancing. The five piece band of double bass, banjo, violin, guitar and – surprisingly – beat-box was supported by a saxophone and a trumpet. Their great music was rounded off by an entertaining narration as well as small but lively dance choreos. Their original song “Warrior” started as a quieter piece, with the narration going on whilst the music played, but its speed soon picked up and had people dancing and singing along. After the set, people stood cheering for an encore until the musicians came back onto the stage. After asking the festival organizers if they were allowed an encore (which they were), they soon had audience back dancing and the floor of Reds shaking with their last song – an unique cover of “Jump”.

Gilded Thieves – Introducing Stage – http://www.gildedthieves.co.uk/biography.php

Gilded Thieves - Photo Credit: Ian S. Russell

Gilded Thieves – Photo Credit: Ian S. Russell

Hoping to win this year’s Saturday introducing stage were Gilded Thieves. The band from Newcastle performed folksy ballades with great female and male vocals by Laura Alexa and David Fitzgerald, guitar and banjo by John Dalziel and a supporting violin and friend of the band, who was simply introduced as Cathy. This set was calmer and more traditional, especially compared to Coco and the Butterfields. However it was nice to take a break from jumping and to simply sit down and enjoy the music.

Brian Eastwood and friends (open mic session) – Jaks
Saturday also was the first day of the Open mic session in the pub Jaks. We managed to catch the last song by Malcom and Steven, which was a lively jig.

Next up was Ade Saunders. He started with political comments and, fittingly, Billy Bragg covers before ending his set on a softer note, with a love song for a woman he had fallen in love with 30 years ago.

Niel Auton, as Ade before him, also chose a guitar for his set. His cover of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” had the pub guests singing along. The same was true for his interpretation of “Falling in love with you” and “Country Road”.

In between acts, the audience was invited to fill the gaps by coming to the stage and telling jokes or playing a short song – and people were willing to do so, so that entertainment was on near to all the time.

The last artist we saw here was John Ravenscrogt, who actively encouraged everyone to accompany him and his guitar during “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Due to the laid back and cheerful atmosphere in the pub, everyone was happy to oblige him and sang along.

The Demon Barbers - Photo Credit: Ian S. Russell

The Demon Barbers – Photo Credit: Ian S. Russell

Demon Barbers – Centre Stage – http://www.thedemonbarbers.co.uk/
The last performing band of the evening for us was the Demon Barbers. Performing songs from their new album with the very fitting name “Disco At the Tavern”. The electric folk-rock group did not only have highly energetic music but also an incredibly entertaining performance. Therefore the band was not “only” made out of the six musicians – Damien Barber with vocals and English concertina, Bryony Griffith with vocals and fiddle, Ben Griffith at the drums, Matt Crum at the keyboard, Angus Milne at the bass as well as Will Hampson at the melodeon. In addition, five dancers in neon coloured clothing filled the stage at all time with impressive performances of Morris, Clog and Rapper sword as well as an occasional Hip Hop interlude. All in all, one could not wish for a better way to end the evening than dancing in the crowd to the music of the Demon Barbers.

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