Steve Young at Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs

Artist: Steve Young 
Venue: Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs (London)
Date:  Nov 1
Review By: Flora Tremblay
Photo By: Sarah Houben


Last month, I was lucky enough to be given a ticket for Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs TV nights in order to write a review about singer-songwriter Steve Young. As you can tell, I have written said review shamefully late due to falling ill the night after the concert, but of course, this had nothing to do with the music. On the contrary, listening to Steve Young’s original songs was just what one could wish for before being sent to bed for an entire week.

They give you a cozy feeling, perfect for the upcoming winter season but probably for beach campfires, too. Only using an acoustic guitar and his voice, his music moved between Americana and pop, and the lyrics often touched on the usual subjects such as love, friendship and dreams. However, the songs never sounded naff, but rather honest, heartfelt and straightforward. It’s the kind of stuff that you’d want someone to write for you. Or, if you just frowned upon my last sentence, let’s say that you at least wouldn’t mind if someone did. He also played a Pink Floyd cover which was a refreshing addition to his set.

It was not an easy spot to play, being the opening act in a room where the stage is sort of tucked away between the tables and the bar, where many people can’t see it and thus continue their conversations over the music. I couldn’t understand everything but I wanted to keep listening, which wasn’t always the case later in the evening. Whilst I can’t speak about the whole program of the night due to having to leave after a few sets, I found that Steve might have had the simplest set-up but was the most outstanding artist for me. The other sets sounded a bit generic to me, whereas Steve’s had more of a raw edge, as far as there is a raw edge for mellow acoustic guitar songs. That being said, it was only the last song of his set that was from the upbeat-clap-your-hands-category and even though I secretly didn’t clap my hands, if I missed one thing in the set, then it was more songs like that one. But then it says “always leave them wanting more”, so maybe this part of a cunning plan which now makes me listen to Steve Young on Spotify.

All in all, I wonder why I haven’t heard of Steve Young before. I’m not an expert when it comes to singer songwriters, but I do listen to my fair share of all-time UK favourites such as Ben Howard and all these acoustic Spotify playlists that serve as a musical tapestry for my kitchen. Steve Young has had airplay on BBC radio 2, which is probably nicer than being included in the soundtrack to which I cut carrots, but still – what I’m trying to say is that he deserves more attention.

His album “Troubadour” is out since July 1st and was crowdfunded via the platform Pledge Music. His 3rd single, to be released in January 2017, will be a double A with the tracks “In My Dreams” and “Garden of Love.” If you’re looking for him online, be aware that there are two artists with his name. He is the younger one with the beard, the cap and the checked shirt. Not the older one with the beard, the hat and the patterned shirt. Reading his biography later, I’ve found out that in the last years he has indeed played with well-known people and at well-known events, and I hope that he can continue to make a name for himself as a solo artist.

SABATON Releases New Digital Single for “In The Army Now”

SABATON Releases New Digital Single for “In The Army Now”
On Tour with Trivium and Huntress in the U.S. Now!
Order New Album The Last Stand: Digital | Physical Formats
Heavy metal heroes SABATON released their new record entitled The Last Stand, on August 19 through Nuclear Blast and have entered charts in 18 countries, as well as the world charts at a fantastic #6.
Today, SABATON release a new digital single for the song ‘In The Army Now’.
Order it digitally here:
Listen in NB Novelties playlist:
The band comments: “This hit song by the Dutch duo Bolland & Bolland was released already in 1982, and was also recorded by the British rock band Status Quo in 1986 and became a smash hit once again with high scores on many charts worldwide. During the years many other bands have also recorded their versions of this great song. We recorded it as a bonus track for the “Carolus Rex” album back in 2012.”
Get the new album here:
SABATON is currently on the “Silence In The Snow” U.S. fall tour with headliners Triviumand fellow special guest Huntress. This is the first time U.S. fans will see SABATONperforming with their new guitarist Tommy Johansson. Pick up your tickets and see below for all current tour dates.
SABATON US Tour Dates with Trivium & Huntress:
10/15 – Binghamton, NY @ Magic City Music Hall
10/17 – Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm
10/18 – St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
10/19 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
10/21 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
More on The Last Stand:
‘The Lost Battalion’ OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:
‘Blood Of Bannockburn’ OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:

ALBUM REVIEW: Brant Bjork – Tao Of The Devil


Artist: Brant Bjork
Title: Tao of the Devil
Release Date: 30 / 09 / 15
Review By: Hannah Sulley

Brant Bjork is a desert boogieman deciding to find a band to back his trip. Brant and his bros bring it… And: It grooves, It Flows, It’s psychedelic, It’s tough – It’s awesome. Brant Bjork and his live band are guerrilla rock revolutionaries… taking back the rock and letting it roll.

Brant Bjork hails from Palm Desert, California, where he began gigging at the age of 13. By high school Brant had begun Kyuss with locals Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell, (later Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia. Kyuss was signed to Elektra and became the first desert rock band to achieve international success by spearheading a musical movement that brought heavy and psychedelic sounds back to rock and roll.

The Gree hee song actually did make me imagine driving through the beautiful blistering desert on the way to las vegas, taking the chances only the wicked city of red hot dice rolls, foxy winners and the cool touch of rock and roll can give.

The amazing tingling feeling of the guitar riffs gets you rocking from the beginning, breathtakingvocals that catch you and take you spiraling down the musical wonderland. And badass beats that makes your heart feel like it’s playing the drums instead of the actual drummer. Even a few cheeky tambourine shakes which i absolutely love more than one person should It’s sounique and perfect!

I normally dislike comparing bands, However if you like bands like: Aerosmith, Dead Daisies, and maybe even a bit of hendrix then you’ll love Brant Bjork

I can’t recommend these guys enough, Hopefully we’ll see them heading over here to hit up The UK for more than his 1-off London date (Next Month) soon – I sure hope they do cause i’ll be there front and centre.

Rock On You Beautiful Desert Babes!

1.The Gree Heen
2.Humble Pie
5.Biker No. 2
6.Dave’s War
7.Tao Of The Devil

Rage Against The Machine Reunion…? Not Quite (Prophets of Rage Supergroup Confirmed)


Rage Against The Machine Reunion…?
Not Quite (Prophets of Rage Supergroup Confirmed)

As reported by Rockfeed & other sources earlier today, We can confirm we have also spotted a few press releases filling up our inbox confirming a not-so-reunited Rage Against The Machine based supergroup are looking to tour this year.

Source Rockfeed:

Earlier today when reports surfaced about a possible Rage Against The Machine reunion, everyone (including us) went out of their minds. What better place than here? What better time than now?

Those claims have been largely deflated, though they aren’t entirely false either. We will be seeing a Rage Against The Machine reunion — without vocalist Zach De La Rocha. God dammit Zach, get your shit together!

The band, being billed as ‘Prophets of Rage’ will feature every member of Rage Against The Machine except for vocalist Zach De La Rocha according to a new report from Amplify. Our earlier report echoed this sentiment though we didn’t have details on the members.

The vocalists of the new band will be none other than: Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real

Prophets of Rage is currently planning a big national tour and again… they WILL be performing Rage Against The Machine songs live. I’d love to see what B-Real could do with their songs. Count me in 100%!

As some of our readers may know our editor is a massive Rage fan, and back not so long ago was a very vocal supporter of The Rage For Number 1. Campaign & subsequent full reunion, although we’re quite excited by the news, we can’t help but echo Rockfeed’s sentiment and agree with the line “God dammit Zach, get your shit together!”

Folk Singer & Festival Hero ‘Beans On Toast’ Hits The Road Tonight!


Chilled out Folk singer, and long-time Favorite of Scorpio,  Beans On Toast has been quite a staple in our festival coverage the past few years, playing a vast array of smaller festivals (The best festivals in our opinion) has recently announced a tour for this coming month. The Small Town tour will bypass the standard gig locations, and instead have Beans go on an adventure through some of England’s finest small towns.

For each gig, Beans will be joined by a brilliant new songwriter local to the town. These songwriters will also be included on a special compilation CD, entitled Small Town Heroes, made available throughout the tour. Also joining the ranks will be Sky Smeed, a country singer from Chanute, a small town in Kansas, bringing an international feel to proceedings.

Around the tour there are plans to celebrate each town’s individual identity, with activities ranging from organised pub crawls, to visits to local tourist attractions, to a surfing meet and maybe even a game of rounders down the local park. A tribute to the England’s small towns and the people that live in them, the stories collected along the way will not only go to inspire Beans’ new album in December, but the adventures will also be captured for a special documentary, to be screened at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

The Scorpio team are very happy to confirm we will be joining Mr Toast this coming Friday at his intimate gig at The Black Market venue in Worksop, The tour kicks off tonight at The Horn (St Albans), But if you can’t make that date, or join us on Friday, check out his other dates below!

10th @ The Horn, St Albans
11th @ MK11, Milton Keynes
12th @ Worker’s Club, Kings Lynn
13th @ The Black Market, Worksop
14th @ The Station, Cannock
15th @ Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
16th @ The Alma, Bolton
17th @ Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham
18th @ The Victoria, Swindon
19th @ Palladium Club, Bideford
20th @ Jolly Farmer’s, Newton Abbot
21st @ Devon Arts Centre, Totnes
22nd @ Whiskers, Newquay
25th @ Mr Kyps, Poole
26th @ Sub89, Reading
27th @ Chinnery, Southend